Youth Lagoon - Wondrous Bughouse Review

1. “Through Mind and Back” getting the nervous energy pangies, like that point before a Radiohead show where there’s just all instrumentals and shadows mulling around on stage, and it might be the band but it also might just be the stage crew (and it’s almost always the stage crew) but like, here we go… you know?

2. “Mute” Alright, this sounds familiar-ish, a little more expansive than any of the bedroom daze off of 2011’s Year of Hibernation.
3. “Attic Doctor” carnival sounds, a retro, bubble-pop sound like UMO or maybe there’s a little Beatles hint to it. Yeah, this Bughouse track sounds similar to the Beatles with it’s own originality in tact.

4. “The Bath” Turns into a different song around 2:00 mark, that’s super mind-blowingly atmospheric. Proof that this is the same Youth Lagoon despite the almost 2 year hiatus. Bedroom Bathroom blend.

5. "Pelican Man" American Oasis. I was over this two years  awhile ago.

6. "Dropla" One of the songs off of the album that was a pre-share, and it’s still my favorite so far. Youth anthem. What we all believe at one point in our lives, right? Super sturdy, keep doing this forever as *happy* music plays in the background of our semi-drunk car drives and stuff. “You’ll never die.” It’s a nice thought.

7. "Sleep Paralysis" Turns into another song, again around the 2 minute mark or a little before, and I could do without the bore of the beginning, really, but if that’s what it took to get to this, OKAY, I’m fine with it. I’m digging this magical mystery tour, an instrumental dream boat.

8. "Third Dystopia" This is definitely a break from the past record, which is (I guess) what normally happens when you’re relying on one debut album on which to base a sophomore effort. But Trevor Powers is a good musician. He’s full of original conceptions and a pretty sturdy base from which to grow up and out. This is a happy song.

9. "Raspberry Cane" Woahhhhh, raspberry is spelled with a “p” what the faaack? This has a 90s, Sonic Youth vibe which I totally support.

10. "Daisyphobia" This is the stretching of the legs… the upping of the maturity level… the lessening of the little boy meek music style. It seems like maybe a brief taste of what’s to come, maybe in live performance. F*cking magical though, and that can’t be the first time I used that term in this review. It’s like being in a wind-up music box that’s roomy. A wondrous way to end.

Listen for yourself at NPR music.

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