Ty Segall - “The Singer” (Official Video)

"Black Moon Spell" - King Tuff (Official Video) 

First Listen: King Tuff, 'Black Moon Spell'

Quilt - “Open Eyes” (Official) 
From the 10” EP split with MMOSS, “New Hampshire Freaks”, out now on Beyond Beyond is Beyond.

BJM - “Oh Lord”
It’s like George Harrison’s “My Sweet Lord” on mega-sex speed.

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King Tuff’s newest, “Danger in the Dark,” is apparently an ad for Captain Morgan. That said, I can’t help but still love it so much. Traces of Spaghetti Western, black rock and I guess dark rum. 

You can also, as Billboard points out, hear the hip hop hinting that was placed en song with the help of Rick Ross/Wiz Khalifa mastering engineer Harry Fraud, and production by Mike Bozzi (Kendrick Lamar).

White Fence isn’t from around here. Vocals so compressed, like they’re being squeezed out of a tape deck that’s traveled lightyears to get here and it’s scratchy as fuck because of it. Heavy drums and bass make this track like a thick piece of paper, with no room for writing — just chant, chant, chant through the times.

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White Fence - Baxter Corner

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NPR First Listen: The Wytches, 'Annabel Dream Reader'

Modern garage sounds and psych rock riffin’. What can go wrong?